Case Histories

(Names have been changed)

Prior to sailing with The Norfolk Boat Edward had been suspended twice from school for fighting. During the voyage Edward had to develop strategies, which would enable him to deal with situations created by living and working in a cramped environment with seventeen other people for an extended period of time. It would appear that Edward transferred his newly acquired strategies into school, as he has not been in trouble since the start of this academic year. Whilst on the voyage Edward realised how supportive his mother was to him and how difficult it was for her to cope with his behaviour. He has retained this awareness and it now bolsters his resolve to keep away from trouble.

Joe lost both parents in a road accident after which he went to live with his grandparents. A week later his grandfather died. Not surprisingly, Joe had quite a large chip on his shoulder, which resulted in a withdrawn and aggressive youngster with a ‘couldn’t care’ attitude. The change in Joe is tangible at the end of the week and again the advances have been retained and recognised by the school.

Frazer was one of the ‘mainstream’ youngsters who were selected for the trip due to the positive influence it was thought they may have other the others. Not only did this prove to be the case but also it allowed Frazer to develop his own approach and style, he became a more mature individual. Once more, this has been recognised by his school. Frazer has since been offered work experience with an outdoor pursuits company.

John is dyslexic and attends a specialist centre within his local High School. He lives with his mother and sister, the family income is low. John is particularly shy and under confident. Twelve months ago the school nominated him for a similar voyage but they were unable to convince him to take part. After a great deal of effort and persuasion, John took part in the trip. At first he was very withdrawn and nervous but after 10 days at sea he had become much more confident and trusting. His mother has reported a huge difference in his attitude and school are amazed at the change, however the most noticeable improvement was when John agreed to attend a Youth Service meeting to help deliver a presentation concerning the voyage, something he previously would not have even considered.

Dan is 15 years of age. His attendance at school in the past has been particularly poor and has caused his mother a great deal of concern. As part of a wider programme created to deal with Dan’s situation, he took part in the voyage on board ‘Alba Venturer’. Having returned from the trip, he is attending school on a regular basis and is involved in a successful work experience programme. Dan is honest enough to admit that without the support and experience he gained during the voyage his school summer holiday could easily have led to him ‘getting into trouble’. He also says that he doubts her would have returned to school after the holidays without the encouragement he received during the trip. Dan’s prospects of gaining meaningful employment when he leaves school are now much more likely.