Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Grants for Young People from Local Businesses/Charitable Organisations

Local businesses and organisations will often give grants to local young people. Here are some suggestions:


Round Table
Womens Institute
Local Youth Agencies
The Lions Club
The Town Council
Your school
Local banks
Visit your local library, Citizens Advice Bureau or school/ college welfare office for the ‘Directory of Grant-Making Trusts for Individuals in Need’ or the ‘Educational Grants Directory’. These directories offer information about trusts which provide grants for young people. Get in touch with your local solicitors’ offices to see if there are any grants which they administrate. You could also try applying to local businesses or businesses with a sailing connection for support.

Write some letters

Explain what you are raising money for and what you feel you will get out of it. If you are applying to a local business emphasise that you are from the local area. You could also mention other plans you have for raising funds, as this shows commitment and that you don’t expect to get the whole amount from one source. In return for sponsorship groups usually like you to give a report/ presentation about your voyage, or help out with an event the group is running. Sponsors like to receive something in return usually a diary of the trip, a talk or photos. Always write and thank them no matter how small their donation as soon as your receive it.

Set up a JustGiving page

The Justgiving website allows you to set up a fundraising page to advertise what you’re doing and collect sponsorship. It’s really easy to donate through your page, so make sure that you use the address on anything you send out telling people about your voyage.

Sponsored Activities and Events

You could do lots of small things; washing cars, tidying your neighbour’s garden; paper-round; dog walking services; Saturday job; or organise a big event such as a quiz night. Why not hold a raffle during an event, you can usually get people to donate prizes so all of the ticket money will go towards your sailing fund. If you are at school/ college see if you can do fundraising activities.

Write an Article

Write an article for your local paper, explaining what your voyage involves and why you want to take part. You could offer to do a follow up with photos after your adventure. Make sure you include your JustGiving address.