Are you looking for an amazing adventure this summer?

Adventures Offshore have places available this summer on the following exciting voyages. No previous sailing experience is necessary!

TALL SHIPS RACE – Stavanger to Ipswich via the Netherlands. 28 July – 4 August. 14 nights. £1050. (16-24yrs old.)
Join this international youth event sailing on board Ocean Scout, compete against the world’s sail training vessels, and be part of the amazing crew events in the host ports.

ASTO SMALL SHIPS RACE – Ipswich to Gosport. 17-24 August. 7 nights. £504. (14-24 years old)
Join this UK youth event and race against other UK youth vessels, joining in with crew celebrations at each end of the voyage.

SPECIAL NEEDS VOYAGE – Start/finish Ipswich. 11-17 August. 6 nights. £432. Visit Chatham Historic Dockyard, or maybe even get to France if the weather is settled!
This voyage is for anyone who is able to climb a companionway ladder but may not be able to sail on a mainstream voyage as a result of having additional needs. This voyage is open to anyone of any age who needs to sail with a supporting adult.

For more information about sailing with Adventures Offshore please see the website, or contact
Adventures Offshore was founded in 1964 and is a registered charity number 1035015. They are able to offer assistance with funding your voyage.

What to Expect on Board Excelsior

ARRIVAL – Before boarding the ship the group are given a quick welcome and safety brief on how to board. They are then asked to leave their bags on the quay and come aboard to look round. Once they have satisfied their curiosity they then load their bags as a team.

INTRODUCTIONS -The crew introduce themselves and their roles on board and the group are asked to introduce themselves and talk about what they would like from their time on board, expectations, worries what they hope to learn etc..

SAFETY – Briefings, including what to do in the event of a fire, flood and falling off. Equipment such as life jackets are explained, issued and fitted. A domestic briefing is also done at this time such as using the heads (toilet) use of the stove etc.

CHART – Briefing, quick explanation of weather and tide along with a discussion of possibilities for the trip are discussed. Once the group has decided on the intended destinations, watches are issued.

ON DECK – As we set off the group handle lines, sort out fenders and stow mooring gear. We then start hoisting sail, names and functions of the equipment they are using are explained in tool box talks – things are about to be become apparent that there has to be a lot of team work to get the sails up.

AT SEA – Once underway the watch system starts, this includes work at the helm, by compass, wind, sea and a point of reference. sail handling , the off watch will be, preparing food, cleaning as well as sleeping,. Watches are normally three hours long then rotate, normally there are three watches with a crew member as watch leader.

MOORING – All hands on deck for dropping sail and preparing warps or anchor. Once secured there is a group debrief and decisions are made such as how much time ashore.
There is also time made for a review of the plan for the next passage which often becomes a talk on experiences so far.

ACTIVITIES – such as mast climbing, beach BBQ’s, trips into villages, towns and cities, team games and taking part in national campaigns such as beach cleans and habitat surveys can all be incorporated in to a trip. We also with Coriolis Trading and become part of a sail cargo network.

REVIEW – Informal reviews are held often to encourage the correct use of equipment, communication and for passage planning. As the trip progresses and the skills and understanding from the group develops we encourage more responsibility.
The final reviews are our most rewarding moments where the trainees are able to reflect on their voyage and their personal journey before leaving the ship and returning home.
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Access Community Trust sail in Excelsior with The Norfolk Boat

What an amazing journey! I could never express enough, how this has changed my life. Personally, coming from not the best of backgrounds, it’s made me realise that I am capable of anything. I feel like this is the first day of the rest of my life. I feel part of the family. The captain has an amazing attitude and the patience of a saint. The whole crew brought their own personal experiences and stories to the table, what an amazing group of impressive and inspiring people. Excelsior trust does work miracles!
There is so much I could go on about the sights, the smells, the sounds, each and every second was fantastic.

Voyage Kit List – Excelsior Packing Tips!

Coming on a Voyage with Excelsior? Don’t know what to bring?

Well, look no further than here, along with the great kit list that we provide everyone when you book below is a little breakdown of some handy tips from the team and previous voyage crew who have been in your position before.

Top Tips!

“Don’t bring your best stuff! – Excelsior is a working ship, she is old and traditionally built, therefore anything that moves is going to be greased (usually Tallow) and everything that is black is going to come off on you (Pitch/Tar/Diesel/Soot).”

“You don’t need a change of clothes for every day – Your kit bag will be too heavy, and you won’t use half of it any way, aim for a couple of changes and a spare set.”

“Excelsior is a working ship, she can be slippery on deck when wet, good gripping waterproof walking boots or deck shoes/ sailing boots combo are great, a pair of trainers and a pair wellies can also be a great combo – It can be good to have a spare set for when something gets wet. Sandals are not often ever a good choice on board!”

“Don’t bring a hairdryer – Excelsior doesn’t have anywhere to plug a hairdryer whilst off shore, we will always make a stop or two into a marina which usually has nice hot showers and usually a dryer of some form – the natural look will suit you, we promise!”

“Bring warm clothes! – It may be warm locally, but when you get out into the North Sea it can be a very different story – there are legends out there that our Skipper Gavin doesn’t have a torso the same as everyone else, he is just layers of jumpers and yet more jumpers!”

“Copy the crew – if you see the Skipper go below and get his wet weather gear on, go do the same, you’ll be glad you did.”

Have you sailed with us before? share with us your top tip, or if you’ve scheduled for a trip ask us a question, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch or call 0845 308 2323 or even get in touch via Facebook / Twitter.

Has this tempted you? Is the call of the sea too much ? Get in touch now to book a berth or two on board on of Excelsior’s remaining few voyages this season in our Sailing Calendar

Happy Sailing!

A busy season ahead for The Cirdan Sailing Trust


The annual winter refit of all three Cirdan vessels ensures they are operationally sound and looking good for the season that follows. This year is no exception with a new boiler for the heating on Queen Galadriel, new winches on Faramir, new upholstery on Duet and metres of new rope and sail cloth across the fleet.

Many of the popular dates are already filled with voyages including local East Coast passages and further afield to Hartlepool and the South Coast with Queen Galadriel and Faramir sailing in company to Boulogne with a mixture of French and English students. Queen Galadriel is being used a stage for a youth theatre production at the Poole Boat Show and Duet is promoting the Trust by taking part in the Round the Island Race.

Various other dates and events are available as the season progresses for any group looking for a positive experience to help their young people gain confidence, work as a team and develop social skills. Our Voyage of Discovery Fund provides grants to help groups participate in this experience.